Popular Men’s Haircuts in Georgetown

In 2017 we have seen many on-trend hairstyles to choose from. Altitude Salon & Apothecary is conveniently located in Georgetown. We offer an array of popular hairstyles to choose from. A good haircut pays for itself in value since it can positively affect your professional and personal life. A man with a good haircut is a man who is confident in who he is and his personal style. Women find this attractive, as do prospective employers. For your convenience, we have outlined several on-trend hairstyles that are currently popular in Georgetown.

The Textured Fringe

This look is characterized by short hair along the sides of the head and towards the crown of the head. The hair on top is left longer and is heavily layered to add texture and depth using a point-cutting technique. This haircut is easy to style and to maintain. It is cut in a way that when it grows out, it is meant to blend in with the rest of the hair so that you do not need to get it touched up so often. This haircut is perfect for men with medium-thick hair that is not too curly.

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The Bald Fade

The bald fade is perfect for those Georgetown clients who have thick, coarse or unruly hair. Your hairstylist will shave your hair super short along the sides and fade it into a half guard buzz on top. This is very low-maintenance and easy to style. In fact, it requires no styling at all! This is suitable for any hair type, as it is so short.

Classic Side Part

This haircut is characterized by a part on the side of the hair. The hair will be cut slightly longer on the sides and even longer on top, so that it can be swept back or to the side. This look is suitable for those clients who have straight or wavy hair. For this style, pomade is a man’s best friend. Think of Elvis Presley, James Dean and Ryan Gosling. All of these celebrities have rocked this classic look. For a more fashion-forward style, consider asking your Georgetown hairstylist for a “weighted line”. This is a graphic, clear part in your hair that makes an obvious distinction between lengths in the hair.

Long Hair

Long hair is very popular in Georgetown due to its ease of maintenance and versatility. This style is perfect for all hair textures ranging from coarse to fine and straight. This style looks great when the hair is resting just below the chin, at shoulder length. For some added texture, work a little styling cream into it for that rock and roll look. Men with coarse hair can add some braids or dreads to give it a modern, artsy feel.

If you live in Georgetown and need a new haircut, please call our salon today to book your appointment and consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve a fresh new look!